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INCIDENT ORGANIZATION CHART ICS 207 1. Incident Name 2. Operational Period Date From Time From Date To Time To 3. Food Unit Ldr. ICS 207 IAP Page 4. Prepared by Name Position/Title Signature Date/Time Incident Organization Chart Purpose. All completed original forms must be given to the Notes The ICS 207 is intended to be wall mounted printed on a plotter. The Incident Organization Chart ICS 207 provides a visual wall chart depicting the ICS organization position assignments for the incident....
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What you see here is the incident command systems basic organization it's made up of two distinct parts the upper part all in white is called the command staff the lower sections that are in the colors the red blue orange ish yellow are and green is called the general staff the incident commander is the person who is in charge of the all overall incident the rest are his team to help him manage the incident the command staff reports directly to the incident commander or a deputy incident commander as shown here the Safety Officer is responsible for the overall safety of the incident public information officer is responsible for the development and release of incident information to the public sector through mass media of various forms the legal officer is legal counsel used as consultants per se for the response or any other legal issues that may arise and the liaison officer is a person who acts as a liaison between governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations that may have a stake in the incident but are not directly involved in the incident itself so in the general staff the Operations Section is responsible for conducting overall tactical operations of the incident planning section is responsible for developing both current and strategic and tactical plans for the incident the logistics section is responsible for all the supplies and services and support ordering a procurement and contracting for the incident and the finance section is basically the ones who pay everything that logistics orders that operations requests so that's basically how this flow works so this is the overall organizational chart this organization can shrink or expand according to the needs of the response not all sections or units or groups or branches have to be filled or you can create your own so what we're going to show you next is an example of how an operation section the operations can expand even further so if you look over here to the red operations section down about three to the fourth group below the operations section you see source control branch and so now for the source control branch we can expand that even further so what you see here is an expansion of the source control branch so at the very top you'll see the source control branch director if you remember back on the ICS form itself correction on the ICS organization itself there was a source control branch that box is this box represented here as a source control branch director so under the source control branch director and source meaning is the source this particular one is the source of a well deepwater subsea well control issue and so this is a well source control branch you can see how the various groups under that organized and basically a lot of them kind of mirror the organization above the general ICS organization so they have a liaison a public information officer a safety of finance specialists logistics and planning specialists and you can see it depicted in basically...